Exhibitions & Events (1990s)

HCI-93 Virtual Reality Exhibition with Chris Hand (1993)Martin Kavanagh (left) and Sean Clark with Nathan Clark at Glastonbury (1995)The Cybercaff, Derby Assembly Rooms (1995)The Cybercaff, Derby Assembly Rooms (1995)Resonance: Geoff Broadway, Jayne Murray, Sean Clark and Noel Douglas (1995)The Shamen at The Forum (1995)Mr C from The Shamen at The Forum (1995)The Shamen at The End (1996)Osc Chillspace (1996)Birmingham Frequencies (1997)Birmingham Frequencies (1997)Club Cuttlefish, Loughborough Town Hall (1998)


Aprill 11th 1998. Club Cuttlefish. Loughborough Town Hall.
Live multimedia event with contributions from Charnwood Arts, Higher Intelligence Agency, Zion Train and others.


18th October 16th November 1997. Nottingham Now Festival. Nottingham.
Web designer and "A Day In The Life" online live event.

4th October 1997. Birmingham Frequencies: HIA and Biosphere, The Rotunda, Birmingham.
Contributor to the live event with Oscillate and subsequent CD-ROM.
Photographs / Website


8th December 1996. Osc Chillspace. 2nd Festival of Modern Sound, Custard Factory, Birmingham.
Real-time documentation.

11th October 1996. The Shamen at The End. West End, London.
Live streamed webcast and real-time documentation via the Nemeton website.

2nd/3rd May 1996. Head First. School of Art and Design , Derby University.
A Resonance event with speakers and performers.


10th November 1995. The Shamen at The Forum. London.
Live 'webcast' and real-time documentation via the Nemeton website.
Photographs / Website

23th October 1995. The Shamen's Axis Mutatis Album Release.
Featuring my unique "web mix" accompaniment.

21st/22nd October 1995. Surf. Friargate, Derby.
The world's first Cyber-laundrette (probably) organised by Jayne Murray.

22nd – 24th September 1995. The Cybercaff. Derby Assembly Rooms. Part of the 1995 National Photography Festival.
Cybercaff, art and music event with Resonance and Oscillate.
Photographs / Website 1 / Website 2

4th February 1995. Feed Your Head. School of Art and Design , Derby University.
Event with cybercaff, speakers and live stream from Colin Angus (The Shamen).
Photographs / Website

23rd – 25th June 1995. The Shamen at Glastonbury Festival.
Real-time documentation via the Nemeton website.
Photographs / Website


7th – 10th September 1993. HCI'93 Virtual Reality Exhibition. Loughborough University.
Exhibition of Virtual Reality technology. The first exhibition I organised and the subject of my first website (launched 5th October 1993).
Photographs / Website

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