27 (2018/2021)

27 (2018) is an exploration of multiple levels of parts and wholes. It began with the creation of a new variation of the Transformation pieces that were produced during the A Cybernetic Ecology (2016) collection of work. Transformations Variations (2017) introduced rotation and 'subtraction' to the coloured squares that formed the parts in the system that was used to produce Transformations artworks, such as System One (2014).

I produced twenty-seven 5x5 colour grids with the squares rotated in accordance with their colour hue. Another rule defined some squares as 'subtractors' that removed an area of colour from any other rotated squares they overlapped.

These parts were then combined to produce nine rows of three grids. Finally, these rows were then combined in threes using a permutation rule to produce nine final images composed of nine unique grids.

The resulting images were each printed on black, white and grey backgrounds and a total of twenty-seven prints were exhibited in sets of three at various locations around Leicester, UK as part of the Gallery Without Walls project, with three sets exhibited at the LCB Depot to form a large 3x3 grid.

Within this work there are many different parts and wholes. What might be considered a 'part' from one perspective, could be considered a 'whole' from another perspective.

Two Transformation Variations pieces are in the CAS50 Collection.

NFT Enhancements (2021)

High-quality images and all of the information needed to construct the artwork is available to download for free below You are encouraged to create your own copy of the artwork and, if you so wish, you can purchase a digital token (NFT) that will authenticate your copy as being an original.