Sean Clark


Sean Clark is an independent artist, curator, and researcher based in Leicestershire, UK. His artwork explores interaction and connectedness through the construction of audiovisual systems presented on screen, as installations, and as prints. He is the director of Interact Digital Arts and the curator of the Computer Arts Archive. He has a PhD in Computational Art from De Montfort University and in 2016 was co-winner of the Lumen Prize for 3D/Sculpture and the Art.CHI Digital Art Prize.

He is a member of the EVA London conference organising committee, on the editorial board of the Springer Series on Cultural Computing, on the panel of the ACM Lifetime Achievement in Digital Arts Award, a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Visiting Research Fellow at De Montfort University and an International Professor at Guangdong University of Technology in China.

Digital Artworks as Systems

The long-time focus of Sean Clark's creative work has been an exploration of the idea of the digital artwork being a "system". Starting with rich multimedia systems in the 2000s, he has refined his work over the past 20 years to settle on a more minimal style of digital artwork in which audiovisual parts are constantly reorganised according to structural rules to form dynamic wholes. His works can be shown on screen, or as installations or prints. His artworks are often interactive and are able to exchange materials with each other via the internet using his artThings infrastructure. His PhD thesis, From Connected Digital Art to Cybernetic Ecologies (2018), explains the thinking behind his work in more detail.