Rotate (2020)

Rotate (2020) is an interactive artwork composed of pairs of connected patterns. Start by touching or clicking on the image above. When you select a colour from the left and right patterns they will be swapped and the patterns will reorganise themselves to incorporate the new colour. The artwork uses the 64 pairs of colour palettes created in 23112019 (2019), with a filtering rule to reject certain colours. You can use the arrow buttons, or your cursor keys to cycle through the palette pairs.

If you press the speaker icon you will also hear rudimentary sounds as you interact. Each colour has a corresponding note that will play when you select it, or roll over it with a mouse. There is also a version of the work where the colours selected are sent using artThings between all running copies of the artwork, so that the image you see is animated by other people's interactions, as well as your own.

Rotate 19 (2020)
Rotate 23 (2020)

The 64 Rotate starting images are available as A4 (210mm x 297mm, 8 1/4in x 11 3/4in) signed archival prints for £30/€35/$40 each. Decide which ones you want (Rotate 0, Rotate 1 etc.) and place an order on the Sales page. Larger sizes and custom generated versions are available on request.