Circles (2017)

The above image is generated live, and will swap colours with other currently running copies.

Circles (2017) consists of interacting images that run in web browsers distributed across the internet. Each image starts as a collection of coloured points that grow into circles at different rates. When a circle reaches its maximum extent it shrinks back to the centre. When it becomes a point again the colour is released and swapped with another image. The more copies of the image there are, the more opportunities there are for colour swapping. Without other images to interact with an image will cease to function.

The black area above contains three separate Circles (2017) systems that swap colours as they animate. If other people are looking at this web page at the same time then their images will be part of the colour swapping network as well as yours and the colours on your screen will begin to mix with theirs. This artwork uses artThings for communications and is a development of the systems concepts established in A Cybernetic Ecology (2016).

In 2020 I updated Circles (2017) to use the colour palettes generated in 23112019 (2018).

Circles Black (2017)

Circles White (2017)

An image showing seven connected Circles (2017) frozen in time, is available as an A4 (210mm x 297mm, 8 1/4in x 11 3/4in) signed archival print for £30/€35/$40. The print is available on a black or white background. Decide which one you want (Circle Black or Circle White) and place an order on the Sales page. Larger sizes and custom generated versions are available on request.