ePaper Screens

15th February 2021

ePaper Screens

I've wanted to work with ePaper screens for a long time. However, only now is the technology becoming suitable for the sort of work I want to make. I've recently been experimenting with 7.5" black and white ePaper screens and 5.65" 7-colour screens from Waveshare.

The technology is getting there, the contrast on the black and white screens is good and the refresh times are reasonable. Less so with the colour screens, but still usable. The first images I have been displaying on the screens are based on the Palette Visualisations I have also been working on recently. I hope to try InkPlate 10" greyscale screens when they become available in April 2021. This will as part of my long-planned, but yet to be realised, piece Entanglement.

An exciting thing about ePaper is that it consumes very little power. I should be able to create completely stand-alone generative artworks that will run off batteries for months or even years.